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Pre-Set one-off Special Offers (Taxi Service)

04/02/2018 – Exeter to Bristol Airport taxi service £50 <20:30 pickup time in Exeter>

08/02/2018 – Exeter to Heathrow Airport taxi service £100 <17:30 pickup time in Exeter>

The above one off discounted fares are currently available and will be posting more dates as they become available.

Head over to our Contact us page to book or if you have any questions.

Popular Airport Prices (Taxi Service)

Exeter to Exeter Airport – £20

Exeter to Bristol Airport – £100

Exeter to Newquay Airport – £135

Exeter to Southampton Airport – £170

Exeter to Birmingham Airport – £180

Exeter to Heathrow Airport – £210

Exeter to Gatwick Airport – £240

Exeter to Manchester Airport – £320

Welcome To Prestige Executive & Taxis

Prestige Executive & Taxis is an Exeter based company working around the clock to bring a quality and consistent service to the public and businesses alike offering executive and taxi service. Our aim is to build a reputable and reliable service using high quality vehicles and to provide professional drivers for your needs.

Using our service has never been easier with our fully automated online booking and payment system. Prestige Executive & Taxis will confirm your booking once payment has been received and forward you a copy of the booking details.

Having difficulty with stable connection? Not a problem, you can prepare a WhatsApp message with your name, pickup time, pickup address, destination details and send it to the mobile number below. We will create a booking for you and send you confirmation. Feel free to Contact Us.

Prestige Executive & Taxis driver are fully checked with enhanced DBS, qualified by DVLA examiners and educated by Exeter City Council on Disability Awareness as well as Safeguarding Vulnerable individuals. Our drivers will text you on arrival and provide you with information as to what type and colour of the vehicle. We’ll get in touch if you are in a remote area and hard to find place. Prestige Executive & Taxis makes every effort to ensure that your journey with us is convenient and comfortable.

We take pride in providing a quality service. Our passion is to supply:

– Neat and clean vehicles (weather permitting)

– Presentable & friendly drivers at all times

– A comfortable and pleasant journey throughout

Rest assured, your booking will proceed with your chosen time, vehicle type and pickup address whether you are traveling for leisure, pleasure or business.